Do the Bus Stop By Anthony J. Langford

The bus stop is her stage.

Her school associates, the audience.

Any passers-by get a free showing.

7.55 a.m.

It’s her time.

Standing on the lip of the gutter, she pouts, she spouts, gibberish, about herself, what else is there, but she knows it doesn’t matter what she says, as long as they look.

And they do.

Her friends divided. The Green-Eyed Camp.

And the Wannabe like her Popular Camp.

But it’s the boys who bestow her with the most power. While the geeks don’t have the courage to peek, and those with no chance give her no glance, the majority stare at her perfect legs and the way in which she swivels, as she helps her skirt to rise and fall, like Marilyn Monroe, once before.

7.57 a.m.

Seems to be more and more adults going to work at this time.

Funny how they’re mostly male.

She bends forward; allowing her somewhat propped up cleavage to shine.

She’s outrageous, but wants them to think, ‘she’s mine’.

7.58 a.m.

It’s her time.

And she loves it.

So does the bus driver.

Ogling, he pulls in too quickly and the side mirror smacks her in the head.
Gunk sprays the audience.

She goes down like lead.

Silence, for once.

Today, there’ll be no Curtain Call.

7.58 a.m.

It was her time after all.

40 Responses to “Do the Bus Stop By Anthony J. Langford”

  1. AB Says:

    Wow, I love the twist at the end, I did not see that coming!

  2. pat Says:

    A Great story that ties right into a memory of mime.
    I remember a couple of girls who where very much like this. They were waiting for the bus to their school as I walked by, on the way to mine. I can still see them (in my mind’s eye) and smell the perfume.

  3. Richard Says:

    Truly horrific, who was this girl? I must know more. I demand a prequel!!!

  4. Amyee Says:

    Gosh. Dark. To the point.
    I like.

  5. Chris Says:

    A seriously cool twist. Made me jolt literraly in me seat! Great imagery. I could see the whole thing play out in front of me. Well done!

  6. Alisa Says:

    Good story. I especially liked the twist ending and like the first commenter I didn’t see it coming either. A very nice, dark, little tale!!

  7. sienna Says:

    loved this alot, well done!

  8. Anthony J. Langford Says:

    Thank you all for your great comments.
    For more of my stories, poems, videos etc, please visit

  9. bob squire Says:

    I really liked the shocking twist at the end! Made me think about the story a lot more. Very well written 🙂

  10. Gina Says:

    Good imagery Anthony! I had to read this 3 times just so I really got what your intention was. My first reading, it was all confused, WTF was it all about? My second reading, a lot slower than first time, it started to emerge. The 3rd reading, I saw it. It’s a different style of writing I’m not used to. Clever, descriptive, visual strength, and the twist in the end, come from the blue. I did not expect it! Very impressed, Anthony.


  11. Ayela Says:

    Great story very clever and well written – must be very hard to capture a story in such a short amount of words shows great talent.

  12. Karen Says:

    I loved it! When I began reading, I thought, “I think I know her,” but then splat. Nope, not her. 🙂

  13. Dolly Shannon Says:

    I agree very descriptive!Gives a perfect visual!

  14. Arielle Says:

    Beautiful! Very detailed in your description, it created great imagery! I especially loved the last two lines because they rhymed and it reminded me of Shakespeare’s couplet. I also loved the time line, what a fantastic idea! Good work! Keep these stories coming 🙂

  15. Helen Egan Says:

    Very well written, ah youth its only a memory brings back all those envious moments of observing my fellow students. Was not expecting the end. Very clever.

  16. Nat Says:

    Really engaging. Cool. Quirky. Dark. Loved the descriptions of the girl – very vivid but strangely like so many people I know/once knew….depending on whether they fell foul of the same fate!

  17. Cassandra Says:

    Loved it! I wondered how many different variations of the climactic line “Gunk sprays the audience” you considered before you settled this version. I like that you found a way to describe an extremely gruesome ending in a sort of “light-hearted” way 🙂 The whole thing was very clever.

  18. Karen Tyrrell Says:

    Congrats Anthony,

    on your very original poem with a great twist at the end. Well done !

  19. nati Says:

    No wonder why they say all god things come to end so soon… so soon

  20. gingerpappy Says:

    interesting spin at the end my man. abit dissapointed that she didnt get the ride though. maybe she should of taken the train.

  21. deepa.k.r Says:


  22. fabfourpeter Says:

    Great little story, very imaginative just like dr who

  23. Anthony J. Langford Says:

    I’m totally overwhelmed by your comments. Thank you so much. 🙂 Glad you’ve all got a good, though similarly depraved sense of humour. 😉

  24. Ronnie Says:

    I was waiting for the erotic to happen then like a smack across the head it ended with shock and awe !
    Well written and imaginative.
    Good work.

  25. Margie Says:

    bus travel has now taken on a new meaning .!
    I must cover up , in case my time is up !

    L ove the concept of the girl being on a stage. very clever

    A word along with many more words tells us a story which can make us laugh , cry, reflect, feel many different emotions.
    A person who can put words together in such a way that makes us feel such emotions is a true artist , a true talent


  26. Robyn Engel Says:

    This is wonderful, Anthony. It’s amusing, bouncy, fun, yet with a dark, sad edge.
    Keep churning these gems out. You’re finally getting the audience and kudos you’ve been deserving.

  27. Somerset wedding gal Says:

    Wow, I totally didn’t expect that ending! That was amazing. I like the way your metaphor begins as a slightly cheeky twist on “all the world’s a stage” and all that, but then transfigures into this darker, twisted image where the curtain call is death! Very original.

  28. Graham Clements Says:

    The twist had me chuckling. Where was that bus when I was a kid?

  29. Emma McCarthy Says:

    I had to read this twice to get it. Really powerful and shocking. Loved it. Can’t wait to read more.

  30. Minnie Says:

    I loved this! Great structure, tone, imagery and twist at the end. A good story in a few sentences. I used to write ALL the time as a teenager and got a lot of praise from English teachers but I haven’t written properly in years. It’s like I don’t know how anymore.

  31. pat Says:

    Very good! I could see it all unfolding in my mind’s eye. Loved it…

  32. Anthony J. Langford Says:

    I’m very moved by all your comments. It’s really fantastic and more than I could have hoped for. Thank you all. 🙂

  33. Bianca Says:

    Nice! I shared your story on my Facebook page: I wrote a book. You too?

  34. Bookworm66 Says:

    Wow, I really loved this. I myself am writing a novel and i got alot of editing ideas from your story.

  35. Joseph Radke Says:

    It’s creepy, yet amazing. Keep it up!

  36. left out to dry Says:

    Can I use your idea I love it. I am writing my own story but mine is weirder. nice twist can i see the next bit?

  37. Shawn Says:

    Gosh, you are one fine writer and this is one wonderful story.

  38. rabi Says:

    mind blowing

  39. Anastasia Hatzigeorgiou Says:

    Beautifully done! Irony! I love it!

  40. DMO Says:

    Nicely done! I really like this story!

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