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You smell good, she had said.

Mmm, she had said as she had nibbled his ear, and rubbed her hand over his chest and down his arm.

He’d said nothing.

I like the warmth of cuddling you in bed, she had said.

I wanna hold you forever, she had said.

Wouldn’t you just want to stay like this? She had said.

He’d lay there, staring at the ceiling, wondering what he was going to say next.

Just typical of you men, she had said.

What you gonna do? She had said.

Kiss me, she had said.

He’d put his arm around her, kissed her head, burrowed his nose in the waves of her hair. He’d placed his fingertip under her left arm and slowly pulled it down the side of her body, featherweight touch. He’d added his other fingers at her hip, and floated them down her thigh.

Let’s stay in bed all day, she had said.

Are you hungry? She had said.

Do you think I’m terrible?
She had said.

No.. No, I don’t, he said.