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When my eyes first met yours I didn’t see the stars nor did I get lost in them like the sea. I didn’t fall in love or even have love at first sight. What I saw was pain. The pain of rejection. The pain of misery. I saw a part of a girl who was broken. I saw each individual pieces laid out inside your eyes. I saw a broke down girl so I smiled to tell you I would fix it.

When I first gave you a hug you hesitated as if I would hurt you so I hugged you tighter to tell you I wouldn’t. I rested your head on my chest for the first time and reminded you that I would protect who you were and what you stood for.

When I touched your hand for the first time you pulled away like I would hold a piece of you then leave. So I held them every chance I could to show you I could guide you to happiness and that I’d never let go. I held your hand to tell you I’d catch you if you fell and I’d be there for you through it all.

When you texted me crying one night and my fingers shook as I tried to reply. Knowing I couldn’t be there for you brought me to tears so when I saw your scars I touched them. I ran my fingers along each and everyone of them so you’d know you won’t have to face that alone again and that I’d never give you a reason to.

When I first touched your lips I felt pain like the last person who touched them was poison and killed you every time they kissed. I pressed harder to take the pain away and to show you I’d never hurt you.

When I first saw you smile I couldn’t believe my eyes. I stopped to admire and man was it a sight, but I saw a fear. Fear that you may depend on someone only to have them leave. So I smiled back to show you I’m not everyone else. I smiled back to show you could mean the world to someone and you do to me. You laughed and all I could do was stare because I’ve never seen you have emotion that wasn’t behind a mask. So I did everything I could to make you laugh to tell you that you could be yourself around me.

Now when I look in your eyes I see a future.

Now when I hug you I hug you tight to pull the broken pieces together.

Now when I touch your hand I hold it with passion. I’m never letting go.

Now when I touch your lips I taste you are becoming everything you ever dreamed of being.

Now when I see you smile I try to be the reason.

Now when I hear you laugh I know that’s the sound I wanna hear forever.