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“I walked her down the aisle today – happiest day of my life so far. It doesn’t seem so long ago that she was climbing up onto my knee to make a nest with her special blanket, ready for a bedtime story.

“Time flies – doesn’t it? You blink and twenty years have passed, like that. Just look at her now; she’s a beautiful young woman.

“Always was the apple of her Daddy’s eye.

“I said to my wife when we found out the news – I’ll do anything to be able to see her married. Well, you do – don’t you?

“And it’s been worth it. Oh yes! All the operations, and the tugging around; the waiting to hear if it was my turn. When I was on my last legs, and no sight of a donor, they put the idea of this new experimental op to me; it wasn’t what I wanted – far from it. Well you don’t want intimate contact with a pig – they’re unclean animals. Dirty. And there are all sorts of religious red lights. But these specially modified ones they grow nowadays are the best match for human tissue, they said. My best chance.

“So I signed the forms and went in for the op; 18 hours on the table, I was. Groundbreaking work I was told – made medical headlines around the world. But that’s not why I let them do it; I don’t care about being a footnote in history.

“I just wanted to see my girl on her big day.

“And it was worth it. I’ll sort out what’s what with the Almighty – later.”

Avis Hickman-Gibb is a newly established writer, living in rural Suffolk, England with her husband, one son and two cats. She’s had stories published in Every Day Fiction, Twisted Tongue, and Shine! and has up-coming stories in Bewildering Stories and The Boston Literary Magazine.

She is currently working on a book of short stories and is addicted to writing flash fiction, which you can read at: