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A guitar who had learned to play the man decided he wanted to form a band. He gathered up his courage and called a guitar-playing man and asked him if he would be interested in joining him.

— Hmm, said the guitar-playing man. So you’re a man playing guitar?

— No, said the man-playing guitar. A man-playing guitar. It’s hyphenated.

— Oh I see, said the guitar-playing man. So you’re a guitar then?

— Yes, said the man-playing guitar.

— If you don’t mind my asking, said the guitar-playing man, what brand of guitar are you?

— To be honest, I’m not entirely sure, answered the man-playing guitar.

— Hmm, said the guitar-playing man. Why don’t you look at your headstock? The brand name is usually printed on the headstock.

— You’re crazy, said the man-playing guitar. I don’t have eyes. I’m a guitar.

Simon Thalmann is a writer and agricultural research assistant from Kalamazoo, Michigan who spends most of his time necessarily working under the hot sun. While he regrets not being able to use that valuable time working on his writing, the time spent outside and usually alone gives him a lot of time to think up new ideas. Recently his work has appeared (or is forthcoming) in The Iconoclast, The American Dissident, Freefall, Ship of Fools, True Romance Magazine, The Laureate, and Spillway.